Any suggestions for a good basic phone?

After six years, my phone is finally dying. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good basic phone? I don't really text much, or have any desire for a smart phone, so it doesn't have to be fancy.

My old phone was the samsung sch-a650 which I really liked. The only feature I'd like that it didn't have is a speaker phone, although I hear that's fairly standard on cell phones these days. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

20 things you should know before walking into a cell phone store

8 The Phone Companies Do Not Make the Products
(AT&T did not construct the Iphone. Verizon did not come up with the idea of making a touch screen Blackberry and calling it the Strom and T-Mobile did not design the software for the Sidekick. Please remember that though we sell the products, we did not make it.  So the next time you decide to go off on the representative because you thought it was stupid that they didn’t include headphones with the phone, or that we don’t carry certain accessories, write the manufacturer first.)

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I just can't decide what phone I want!
My NE2 is up soon and I want to break into having a smartphone besides my blackberry storm which isn't cutting it for me anymore. What do you guys have? Do you like it and recommend it? I've been reading up on the Droid3, HTC Trophy, HTC Revolution, LG Ally, and Thunderbolt. I don't like apple products so the iPhone is out of the question.
I'm a big texter and seldom use it for voice calls unless I have to (I'm also hearing impaired). I like something that's synched with facebook and my gmail since I use it to contact my bosses frequently at my job. I also want to use it for music to hook up to my car via bluetooth so something with good internal gb memory and a removable memory slot is important. Battery life is a big one. My Storm drains everyday and I have to charge it every night!
Recommendations? TIA.
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I have the HTC droid incredible, which has worked amazingly up until this point. It won't vibrate anymore when it's on silent for email or text notifications. I tried downloading sound manager but, that didn't work at all, and i tried putting it on vibrate mode but all that did was make it vibrate if my phone rang while the sound was on.

Any ideas on what i could do?
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HP Web OS Training Site

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The website can be found at Again, this is ONLY open to qualified mobile sales associates. It's existence is already available to blog sites, so I'm not giving away any trade secrets here. More details can be found in a review of the site here:

Thanks for your time! Even if you don't go through me for a referral, this is a great reference site for those new to selling Palm (HP) devices!
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Questions that should be directed to a Verizon agent

So, I should just call or go into the store and ask these questions there, but I have NEVER had any luck asking them a question EVER. If they give any information at all, sometimes it's downright incorrect. Plus it's the biggest hassle ever.

So I figured I would try asking here, though I don't know if anybody really visits this community anymore.

Anyway, I'm on my parents' family share plan. Ever since I upgraded my line to a data plan, we've been getting those alert texts that we're about incur over-use charges or whatever for either minutes or data.
First of all, I'd like to know at what point they send those messages because when I check how minutes we have left, it's always at least over 100, which kind of seems like a lot to me.

And I'm under the impression that I can't incur overage charges for data or texts because we are supposed to have unlimited text messaging in our plan and my line is supposed to have unlimited data (I think it's about 30.00 per month?)

So I guess my questions are as follows:

Is that unlimited data plan (the 30 per month ish one) not actually unlimited? Did I miss some fine print?

Do they send you those text alerts when you still have over 100 minutes left before you're charged?

If it is minutes that we're nearly going over, do I somehow use minutes up when using my Droid, even if I'm not calling someone? Like do certain uses (downloading, checking e-mail, browsing web, etc.) take minutes, other than calling? I thought it just used data...

It could just be a coincidence that we started nearly going over right when I got my Droid, but I don't know. I also don't get the bill, so I haven't seen if we have actually gone over or not. I just send money to my parents.
ashley in vegas

upgrade time!

i have a blackberry that i'm contractually able to get rid of it...i'm looking at the Droid 2 (global, i guess). I need a physical keyboard again, which is my main reason for wanting that phone.

anyone here have that phone? what are your opinions on it? likeit? don't like it? want to take it back? best invention ever made??

thanks in advance for all responses!

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Refurbished Droid

Hello all!

I was an Alltel customer before Verizon bought them and then rolled on over once Verizon took over. One year ago, practically to the day, I got on my own account (separating from my family's) and got myself one of those new fancy Motorola Droid phones.

Well, the past week, coincidentally, my on/off button has decided to flake out on me. I can't turn on or off my screen without pushing down on that button like my life depends on it. In fact, most of the time I just slide the screen to turn it on. I don't dare turn it off lest I am unable to turn it back on...

On Friday I called up Verizon to explain my issue and found out that my warranty expired the next day. I felt like a jackass and got the impression the lady helping me thought I was trying to scam the system... Nevertheless, she helped me out and said she would send me a refurbished Droid since it was within my warranty.

My fear is this: What if I get my refurbished phone and it is in worse physical condition than my current with the broken on/off button? A friend of mine who works for the Verizon Wireless call center in my area informed me half a year ago that if I had an issue on my phone that I should try to deal with it because with refurbished phones you never know what you're going to get when you open the box you receive from Verizon.

If the phone I receive is disgustingly dirty, or there are visual issues with the phone, or if there are other problems, I don't want to believe that I will be forced to "deal" with the phone I received. I am a clean freak and somewhat of a germaphobe. I have taken exceedingly good care of my phone... no visual wear and tear on my 1 year old phone...

Can anybody give some information on this and ease my troubled mind? Or if someone has a similar story I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance.
debbie harry

(no subject)

I'm wanting to sync my droid incredible to my mac so i can add music and SNES roms to it. Problem is the software that came with the phone is only for Windows Vista. Is there any way around this?